The BJJ Dummy

The BJJ Dummy earns his BLUE belt

BJJ dummy and his new blue belt

Today marked a milestone in my BJJ journey as I was awarded my BLUE belt by CFS head instructor David Onuma.

After a few hours sleep, i ventured down to Fighting Fit Martial Arts for today's eagerly anticipated seminar and BJJ grading.

When I arrived the mat was already full with the purple and brown belts being put through their paces by David, no doubt he was teaching them some sort of new way to destroy the lower ranks with his dastardly knowledge!

When the action got underway, the mat was full with more people than i have ever seen on the mats at about 35 and we were supposed to have had more!! We warmed up with armbar & hip-bump isolation drills and then we moved onto the techniques which were delivered in David's trademark detail and comical delivery method.

We covered:

  • Breaking Posture in the guard and grip fighting
  • Scisser/Leg-Push Sweep
  • Escaping from side control

I'm sure we covered more but i cant remember now..

We were then told to move to the side and then David read out 4 peoples names (mine being one of them) and told us to sit in the middle of the mat. David then told me and 'little' Mike to start rolling so he (and everyone else) could watch, after a while he told us to stop and got the other 2 to roll. After that (like lambs to the slaughter) he rolled with us individually.

David then proceeded to give out stripes to everyone, THEN the big moment finally arrived: he got some blue belts and then called my name, then the other 3 names of Jack, Mike and Duncan were also called out and given their blue belts too!

The new blue belts

Jack, Me, David, Mike and Duncan all recieved our blue belts from CFS head instructor David Onuma

Overall it was an awesome day for me especially as it proves that the last few months of hard training all paid off!!

The Labs family

The Labs Full Family Portrait 21/07/2012

(p.s. Thanks to Carol Fan for the photos)


CFS BJJ – Manchester Labs Affilliation and Seminar

The transformation is complete!

Well sort of, on 6th June 'The BJJ Labs' now shares an affiction to Black Belt David 'Malandro' Onuma via the CFS BJJ Team!

Well, the real reason David came to visit was to teach us a lovely seminar on half-guard!

Also at this action packed seminar David awarded some promotions, most notably Jake 'The Saint' Cross and Martin Matiasko being promoted to Blue belts and Martyn Cahill adding another 2 stripes to his brown belt.

The Future for 'The Labs' is promising under David 'Malandro' Onuma!

The newly promoted Jake 'The Saint' Cross with David 'Malandro' Onuma and Martyn Cahill